Timber floor relevelling Melbourne

Sloping or Unstable floors? Cracked plaster? Jamming doors?

Relevelling is applicable to houses or buildings where concrete stumps have settled and changed the levels of floors or walls, leaving unsightly plaster cracks, jamming doors or loose floors. This is caused by shrinkage of the soil profile or Timber shrinkage in sub floors constructed using green timbers. Most movement within a sub floor is due to both soil profile shrinkage and  timber shrinkage.

Levelling is done using hydraulic jacks underneath the building to push up parts of the building as needed. We then use a plastic packing system on the top of the existing concrete stumps to support the floor at the new level. (See illustration below).

How levels are taken:
Building Levels are typically taken by measuring off a fixed point in the building (in most cases this is a brick based fireplace)  Variations of 1mm increments are then taken based off the fixed point and recorded as higher, lower or equal to the level at the fixed point.When a level floor is acheived doors are checked that they fit correctly within the door jamb,some minor alteration to the levels maybe required to enable the door and latch (lock) to operate correctly.

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